Thursday, June 02, 2005

Where to Begin?

So the police officer charged with faking overtime and stealing money is off to prison for 6 months. What did Chief Turley have to say about this?

Apparently he thinks this "compounded community issues of trust" and was "a huge embarrassment to the department." had to cross that line. You haven't spoken out about anything until this and you had to go and get on your high horse? Why couldn't you just have had your guy Miller come out and say something like, "this is no different from when a teacher steals a pencil, a doctor writes his own scripts or a lawyer does his job". He's got that one down cold.

But no, up on the high horse you went. Do you want to know what we think a huge embarassment to the department is? Did you read that Metroland article? To avoid being called a broken record I'll resist listing the embarassing issues we have with the department but let me just say it involves things like a top official lying, lots of DWI's, excessive use of force, lots of expensive lawsuits against the city and absolutely nothing done about any of it. Oh, and all the other fraud that was allegedly going on. Don't think for a second that the "community" thinks this is the one bad apple in the barrel.