Friday, June 03, 2005

Vote Yes for New York's Future

Hey, you there. Yeah, you reading the paper. I hear you don't like the idea of spending tax dollars on the new Jets stadium. I think we may have to take that "I heart NY" sticker off your car. So here's my advice to you. Go read the full page ad in the local section of the Times Union (Paid for by the New York Jets). Its got lots of fun facts in it to convince you why you should Vote Yes for spending $600,000,000 of your tax dollars for our stadium (an Economic Engine for our State!). What's that? When is the vote? You want to know when you get to vote on how your tax dollars will be spent? You don't. We left that out of the ad. But its really important that you say you want to spend your money on the stadium. Vote for Jobs, dammit! If you spend this money there will be new jobs. No, no there won't be new jobs for you, but thanks for paying your taxes. Now, remember, Economic Engine. Doesn't that sound good?