Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Times Union Political Coverage

If you are tired of my blog and what I have to say and you want me to go away, write a letter to the Times Union and maybe in the future I won't have anything to write about. I'll help you so you can just cut and paste the letter.

Dear Rex:

Hello, good sir. There is this pesky blog that is overly critical of some of my favorite politicians and I need your help. This "blogger" thinks he is always right. He got really bent out of shape when the Albany Police Chief admitted to lying. He refused to accept Fred LeBrun's WRITTEN apology for the police chief's behavior. This blogiot has no shame and no sense. BUT, I think we can shut him up. See last week you ran a big bold headline saying Archie Goodbee didn't get the endorsement of the Working Families Party. Actually the headline didn't say that at all. It said something about Mayor Jennings, which even I found a bit odd but it caused that blognut really to go off his rocker and claim you were biased. He thought that it showed a definite favoritism to the incumbent. He (I'm assuming its a he because no lady would speak that way with all the lack of punctuation and foul language) also thought it odd that this lack of an endorsement by a third party seemed like headline news meanwhile you fail to cover stories that might reflect the incumbent in a negative light like when the police punched a 14 year old girl in the face. I know, I know, its hard work being an editor and making all those decisions. Tulips....police violence? Give the people what they want. Unfortunately this blognut doesn't know what he wants. Ok, so to my favor.

Yesterday Archie Goodbee held a press conference addressing gang violence in Albany. The TV cameras showed up. It was on "the news". And it seems newsworthy, even to me. We just had a shooting last week, we've had stabbings, gang signs on the buildings. Its gotten to the point that the Mayor is even asking the Guardian Angel's back. Its that bad. It may just be me but the Guardian Angels showing up typically isn't the sign of a renaissance. So this seems like a valid news story. But what do you put as your headline? A spelling B champ?! Ok, ok. Maybe the story is on the front page. No? A headline anywhere with Goodbee's name in it? Nope. I guess there isn't a story in your "news" paper. That bloggerblathercommunist is really going to freak out. Couldn't you have just wife just said there is one of those "tiniest story in the paper" bits on page 4 at the very bottom below something about Troy which is below something about the Thruway that mentions a "Mayoral Foe". Give her a minute to read it. Apparently it is about Goodbee. Why?! Why couldn't you just put Goodbee's name in the headline when you write about him. Do it a couple times and that ranting fool will be out of business. And would it hurt to put the story on the front page? Work with me here because even I am starting to see that this guy has a point that your political coverage is incredibly biased and you don't "report" so much as look for opportunities to "support" your candidates.

So, I implore you. Please, when you write a story about Goodbee, put his name in the headline. I'm not even asking you to do your real job as a reporter and apply any sort of scrutiny to the Jennings adminstration (we all know the problems). But if you don't give Goodbee fair coverage that bloogger might just be on to something. Do your job. Make the bad blogger go away.

Thank you,

PS. I love your show with that NPR guy with the beard and Lydia whatshername. She's hot.

PSS. Fred LeBrun doesn't really exist right? That is a fake character that you use to make crazy assed statements? What a great idea. And that funny little drawing of him. Ha.