Friday, June 03, 2005

Strange Election Year Bedfellows

Who would've thought that President of the Albany Police Union Chris Mesley and I would be agreeing on anything? It was just two weeks ago that he threw what looked like one of those perjury monkey wrenches into the case of an Albany officer being arrested for DWI. He says it happened one way, 3 other people say it happened the other. Someone's lying. But that is for another day. Today its like he and I are one person. See he is accusing Mayor Jennings of
"election year posturing". He thinks that Jennings is just bringing in the Guardian Angels and the State Troopers to placate the public and win re-election. I agree. After that Mesley and I start to disagree on the finer details of this issue. Except for the one where he says that the police radios don't work. I agree that we should fix that. Didn't we all agree to fix that problem back when they shot Scaringe? Remember when they said they couldn't call off the chase because the radio's didn't work. Someone please put that back on the list of things to check up on. And now for some parting words from Mayor Jennings:

"Once again, Mesley doesn't know what he's talking about"

Now, I'm not expecting Mesley to endorse Goodbee anytime soon, but this is getting interesting.

PS. Please fix the radios.

UPDATE: This topic got some attention on the Mayor's call in show today. The Mayor didn't have any kind words for the President of the Union. Things were going well for him and he was talking about public safety etc and then he kind of bungled it by giving us some more insight into how he does business with this quote:

"I don't need advice from anyone"