Thursday, June 02, 2005

Spitzer Update

As I've noted before I'm a big fan of NY GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik because he's always doing something that makes it easy to write about. As far as his political skills I think he's a hack and he only has one approach which is the "attack your opponent with baseless lies" approach which I find pathetic BUT it is fun to write about.

Remember when he called the Democratic Party the party of terrorists based on a photo that he had to "prove it"? And then it turned out the photo was of a woman from a group called United for Peace and Justice? He didn't look so good on that one.

And of course he's been trying to smear Eliot Spitzer as a "job killer". Apparently Minarik thinks that because Spitzer is enforcing the law and prosecuting criminal businesses that this is bad for business in New York. This Minarik guy is odd that way. Well, once again Stephen didn't check the facts. From the Business Review:

"New York added more jobs than all but four states during the past year, according to report Wednesday from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. "

So much for that lie. What will be Mr. Minarik's next desperate lie? Maybe he'll start trying the old "Spitzer is an elitist" approach.