Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mayor Jennings and Your Safety

So the State Police offer to help patrol the streets of your city and provide funding to make it happen? Sounds like a Mayor's dream come true. Not the "city leaders" in Albany. Why?
The "city leaders" didn't want to "fuel a perception that Albany was unsafe". See, it is an election year and if you can make the issue of gang violence and safety go away, you can get re-elected. It's all about perception. For example, take this line from Mayor Jennings recent campaign mailing:

"We continue to achieve unprecedented reductions in crime and meaningful increases in quality of life for all of Albany. I have worked hard to obtain our fair share of resources from New York State and Washington."

So we've had "unprecedented reductions in crime". Is that why we need the Guardian Angels in Albany and now also the State Police need to join in the action? Maybe if our "city leaders" were more worried about reality than perception they might have taken some of these steps over the last 11 years they were in power?