Friday, June 03, 2005

Jobs for Votes, Secret Tapes, Oh My!

A new lawsuit alleges lots of fun in local Rensselaer County politics. What do we have?

Alleged battles over lists of patronage jobs
Alleged threats that "things could be done to you"
Alleged breaking of the rules to get some kid to pass the police agility test.
Alleged secret tapes.
Alleged talk of trading "jobs for votes"
Alleged leaking of those tapes by Joe Bruno's office.

Of course these are all just allegations. They could be baseless. Nothing as prepostorous as this would ever happen and its ridiculous for reporters to even mention these baseless claims. Just ask Joe Bruno's spokesman:

"We don't comment on baseless lawsuits or reporters willing to treat them as gospel," said Sen. Joe Bruno's spokesman, Mark Hanson, as he brushed off Ehring's allegations. "And we don't want that edited. Got that?"

Now you reporters should be ashamed. Next time you should check with Mr. Bruno or Mr. Hanson about what you should treat as gospel. Got that?