Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jennings the Educator

Archie Goodbee has a press conference to address the very real issue of gang violence in the city of Albany. Jerry Jennings doesn't appreciate the effort:

"Obviously, Archie is not aware of what's going on in this city. We have one of the best gang prevention experts and programs in the State of New York. It's been acknowledged as that. I'm looking forward to educating Archie as to what is really going on in the city"

Ok, so lets see how Jerry has educated us in the past about gang violence in Albany.

Back in October he told a caller to his radio show that we don't have gangs, just graffiti artists. He also mentioned he might be attending a gang prevention conference "if he had the time".

Some other callers also expressed concern over the gang issues. Here is what the Mayor said:

“they are not organized gang members…they are just grafitti artists”

“this is just kids misbehaving”

To which a caller named Sue responded “grafitti is graffiti..this looks like gang stuff”

To which the Mayor said “sue, kids copy and mimic and they want to be something they aren’t….there is no formalized gang involved in this….its a group of kids” and “if its gang activity I’ll be the first one to admit it”. After Sue hung up the Mayor addressed the issue this way: “all right kids, knock it off”

So, consider yourself educated by Jerry the Teacher. He told the kids to knock it off. What more do you want?