Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bruno Talking Some Sense?

Other than some labor unions that will get the jobs to build the new Jets stadium, and of course Joe Namath, no one wants this thing because we all are going to have to pay for it with our tax dollars and we really don't like the Jets that much. Of course politicians thinking of running for president don't really care what the people think, they care what the really rich people think. So Pataki wants to blow our money on a stadium for billionaire Bush Ranger Woody Johnson. Thankfully Joe Bruno isn't running for President any time soon and he isn't so sure he wants to blow all our tax dollars on a money losing stadium. He is making a bold proposal. Get this...he is saying if this is such a great idea why not fund it with private investors' money, not ours? Amen. Woody Johnson is a billionaire. If this stadium is such a great money making idea let him build the damn thing. But here's the catch (and you opponents of the Convention Center in Albany will love this one):

"cash flow analysis indicates that the deal may not work with private sector money"

Translation: This is a big money loser. So the only way to make it happen is to suck the taxpayers dry. Remember this when they are asking you to build a $225 million convention center in Albany that they admit will lose money, no question about it. That is your money they are admitting they will be losing, so why should they care.