Thursday, June 02, 2005

Accountability In Schools

We're all for accountability of our school boards, right? A new bill is in the works to actual put in place some financial oversight for school boards. Sounds like a fine idea to me. What brought this on? A little financial mismangement of our tax dollars down in Long Island. I think the actual amount is over $10 million now. This woman was paying mortgages for 3 of her houses and one for her daughter with the school's credit card. Some other expenses:

$736,000 paid to an Oklahoma publishing company that has no record of doing business with the district;
$600,000+ spent in delicatessens and specialty food stores;
$100,000+ spent on limousines and car services;
$50,000 paid to restaurants;
$21,000 charged for a BMW lease or purchase;
$3,800 spent to reserve space with Manhattan Mini-Storage, a long way from Roslyn;
$1,485 spent for an Equinox gym membership.

She says she's not guilty. Bring on the oversight!