Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why Now? We Can Fix It Next Year

I've repeatedly pointed out how Mayor Jennings doesn't like criticism. He's been in office for over 11 years but if you criticize something he's done there is always an excuse. And his spokeman Joe Rabito is always there to help out.

So then a survey comes out that says the following:

"Blacks were about 13 percent of all professional workers living in Albany, according to the census, but hold less than 1 percent of the city's 86 professional-level jobs -- lawyers, accountants or engineers, as well as lieutenants in the police and fire departments "

What does Rabito say to this?

"Why is this coming up now?" said Jennings spokesman Joe Rabito.

That is his response. Joe is accusing Common Council woman Carolyn McLaughlin of playing politics in an election year. Then he goes on to say how hard they have been working to address the issue.

"We welcome council member McLaughlin's interest now. We wish she would have taken an interest before an election year, because we have been working on it for some time."

So, you've been working on it for some time? And this is the best you can do? Maybe you could appoint someone to address the problem. It took you 11 years to get a director of buildings and codes (white, male), maybe this issue was next on the list?

So that is the Mayor's position. What does one of the white males that works for the Mayor (Administrative Services Commissioner Joe Cavazos) think?

"While a certain percentage of the population may be women or minority, a smaller percentage of that group actually posses the necessary skills and qualifications to be considered for employment"

He has since backpeddled from this statement and made some promises:

"Next year, that number will be better"

I agree that the number might be better next year. But only if you change the administration. Hopefully a "certain percentage of the population" that are not white males will vote in September.

Disclaimer: The above criticism and commentary by the author of this blog was all politically motivated.

Update: The guy over at has done quite an analysis of this situation. He's getting a PhD from Yale so we should expect this sort of thing. He is purely taking a look at the data in an unbiased fashion. Probably the most rigorous vetting of data in the TU ever. And it is quite welcome around here. However, he is a white male....perhaps the city already has him on the payroll?

Also, one thing that no one seems to be addressing anywhere is the issue of gender. This isn't just about race. The issue is that Jennings is a white male. And both the white and the male groups are highly over-represented in city government. For those arguing that this is because the city only hires "the best" and doesn't show any bias towards gender or race, well, if that is the case, Albany must have some super race of white males as they appear to be significantly superior to all other groups. Who knew?

Update 2: While not statistically significant, the white male city employee who was pissing on my building early one morning most likely was not part of this super race.