Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ward 3 - Brown Vs. Ellis

New Metroland candidate interview this week and its the 3rd ward.

What's your top issue and what will you do about it?

M. Brown - "The convention center. "

C. Ellis - "Youth activities, absentee landlords/abandoned buildings and getting a library in the neighborhood"

So the incumbent Brown thinks a convention center is the most important issue for his ward?

I guess no regular readers of this site will then be surprised to hear me say "Ellis for the 3rd!"

Still on the fence? Want to read some of Brown's past history? Here you go.

Update: Apparently the Metroland isn't putting this bit on line. Too bad. I recommend getting it and reading it. Listening to Michael Brown answer a question about sufficient notice for a public hearing by admitting he use to misuse taxpayer dollars to send out mailings is pretty funny (and sad). Especially since that wasn't what the question was about. And then he blames the "modern day political boss" Richard Conti for ending this practice. Have any of you ever met Richard Conti? If you read this he sounds like one scary individual. I've met him. He seems like a nice guy but a modern day political boss he ain't.

Update 2: I was incorrect that the article wasn't online and have been appropriately scolded by the Metroland. The good news is they scooped my idea of having all the interviews in one place on line so that you can access them at your leisure. If they start running rambling profanity laced diatribes I might just be out of business.