Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Voting Machines

The voting machine saga continues. A quick summary:

The democrats want one statewide standard machine and would prefer the optical scan machines. Why? Well as Minority Leader Patterson says:

"Paterson said he believes these machines are more affordable, simpler to use and provide an easily accessible paper trail."

Republicans want to let each county choose which machine they use. Some forecast some problems with this approach.

"Another worry is that local elections commissioners may be unduly pressured by voting machine companies and their lobbyists."

The bit of that sentence designed to make you laugh and spit coffee is of course the "may be unduly presssured by...lobbyists". May be? Lobbyists have already dumped millions into this. Imagine the crazy lobbyist race that would occur if they had to bribe 62 individual county officials? Get a camera and you've got a reality show. The Amazing Bribe.

Fact Check: I also believe the article is misleading when it states the following (DRE's are the other type of voting machines):

" [DRE supporters] maintain DREs are hacker-proof and provide a paper trail that is just as easy to recount as that of an optical scan machine."

I believe the truth is they say that DRE's could be outfitted with the ability to provide a paper trail, but that hasn't been done to this point.