Sunday, May 08, 2005

Votes for Sale Pt 14

Interesting article in the TU today on what politicians are spending campaign funds on. Apparently they are effectively no rules on that. So, you could give Joe Bruno money for his "campaign" and he could then go give $16,225 to Kingston Buick. When he files his campaign finance information he doesn't even need to say why he spent the money. Illegal? Not in New York. Is it any wonder its hard to unseat incumbents with this sort of legalized bribery going on?

Another article on how politicans can put their relatives on the payroll (surprisingly this one doesn't mention the Bruno family as an example). Instead its John Sweeney putting Mrs. Sweeney on the payroll even though Sweeney's spokeswoman said Mrs. Sweeney has "no previous fund-raising experience and no other clients".

With all this being legal its pretty pathetic that politicians ever get convicted of anything.