Thursday, May 19, 2005

Unsurprising News -Jennings Endorsement

We can pretty much expect that every elected official and union and restaurant and anyone that does any business in Albany will endorse Mayor Jennings so this isn't much of a surprise that he has gotten another endorsement.

"Albany's Mayor received an endorsement Wednesday from members of the 1199 SEIU. The Union hosted a fundraiser for Jennings at its headquarters at 155 Washington Avenue."

Have fun trying to pick out the code word in this endorsement:

"We found that there's no better friend for working families and of bringing people together of different nationalities and of different cultures and who has led this renaissance that we are seeing in Albany than Mayor Jerry Jennings," said Dennis Rivera, Union President.

Who's the "friend of working families"? Why, Jerry Jennings, of course. He's such a good friend of working families I'm sure that Working Families Party endorsement is right around the corner.....right?