Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sweeney and Delay - Made In America

It's good to have the facts about who is buying influence with your politicians, even when it's other politicians. If you want to see why Tom Delay gets a lot of support from his fellow Reps check out this list.

It's pretty impressive the amount of money he has given to his co-workers. Which keeps them in line and makes them reluctant to investigate his ethics abuses. However, not everyone gets paid. Like here in NY.

John Sweeney (NY-20) got $4,915

Pete King (NY 3) R $20

$20?! Did Delay see him in the hall and hand him the donation? Pete must've done something to piss off The Hammer because $20 seems like a bit of an insult when some of your fellow co-workers got $30,000. Anyway, that is how our government works. Corporations give to Delay, Delay bribes his co-workers, laws get passed in favor of corporations.

I don't see this last bit in the news much so I was surprised when it made it on to CNN. Check out what Delay is getting done with these bribes. Taking millions to insure that workers in the Northern Mariana islands don't have any rights. No big deal you say? Workers around the world have very little rights. True, true. But since the Marianas are a US province, you can make things there and slap a "Made in America" label on them. So Tommy Hilfiger can say your shirt was made in America. Stretching the truth a bit? You really should read this. And then if you ever see John Sweeney again, you should ask him about it.