Friday, May 13, 2005

Soares' Record

WTEN is reporting that the number of criminal prosecutions are down 25% since Soares took office.

"According to records that News 10 has obtained from the State Office of Court Administration, the number of criminal indictments and the number of cases disposed of by the new D.A. have dropped by 25 percent."

Soares' response:

"I don't think people should infer anything from the numbers," Soares said told News 10. "What we have implemented in this office for the first time is a felony screening committee where we sit down twice a week and evaluate the cases to see if we should indict them or send them back for misdemeanor disposition."

So the 2008 campaign for DA has begun. Check out this sentence from WTEN.

"Law enforcement sources say these numbers will lead to even more crime and to less safety on the streets."

After reading this I feel 25% less safe. Don't you? I mean why bother using actual stats about crimes to judge the effectiveness of the DA's office when you can use facts about the number of indictments and then just have unnamed sources say this will lead to more crime. They tried to get a comment from Clyne for the article but he refused. He always was one not to stoop to the level of attack politics. Clyne 2008?