Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Soares Announcement

The news today of the DA's office investigating police corruption has caused a bit of a stir here and I'm assuming it must have elsewhere as well. Some of the questions that have been posted here appear to be cleared up in a Press Release just sent out by Soares' office. For this bit I will be again using the GannonGuckert approved method of reporting by posting the release verbatim.

Statement of P. David Soares on the adjournment of the sentencing of Jeffrey Metcalfe.

ALBANY, NY – As has been reported in the press, yesterday the sentencing of Jeffrey Metcalfe was adjourned to June 1st, 2005. We have been informed that Mr. Metcalfe believes that he is in possession of information that may be of interest to this office. We requested that the sentencing be adjourned to give us an opportunity to hear what Mr. Metcalfe has to say.

Adjournments for this purpose are not uncommon.

While we have no jurisdiction in the particular case for which Mr. Metcalfe is being sentenced, we do have an obligation to listen to informants who come forward with allegations of wrongdoing. This Office operates on the principle that there is a single system of justice here in Albany County and that all residents, citizens, and employees working here in Albany County will be held to that same standard regardless of name, rank, profession or position.

At the same time, we want to be clear that (a) there is no pre-existing case that this action is being incorporated into and (b) we have made no promises.