Friday, May 27, 2005


As any regular readers know, I'm a strong supporter of D.A. Soares. There has been discussion on this blog at times by some people saying that they didn't think Soares would be a good DA because he wouldn't prosecute criminals. The talk was that it would be only a matter of time before criminals realized what you can get away with in Albany and then all hell would break loose. Of course, i think that is just people who liked Paul Clyne talking. Regardless, in case you are wondering, if you as a citizen want to help stop crime in your neighborhood...firing a shotgun out your window at people in the street is still considered a crime in Albany. To the press release verbiage, as I'm a blogger, not a reporter:

ALBANY, NY – District Attorney P. David Soares today announced that JERMAINE BOYD, 29, of 301 First Street Albany NY. BOYD was sentenced to fifteen years in state prison plus five years of post release supervision by the Honorable Thomas A. Breslin. BOYD had pled guilty to one count of Attempted Manslaughter in the First Degree on April first of this year.

The indictment alleged that on December 8th, 2004, at about 1:34 PM, the defendant fired two rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun. One of the shots struck Emmanuel Albea in the back and killed him.

At the time of his arrest, BOYD claimed that he shot out of anger at the drug dealing that was taking place in front of his house and that he had felt threatened by the drug dealers. District Attorney Soares said, “This sentence shows that my office is actively prosecuting crimes with guns as aggressively as possible. Now Mr. BOYD will be spending the next fifteen years of his life in jail” he said.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Farley represented the People for the Office of the District Attorney.