Friday, May 20, 2005

Saratoga and the Police Union

Check out this article about Saratoga. They just fired the Deputy Public Safety Commissioner. The police department said she wasn't behaving properly. If you read this article it seems that was the case. On the flip side the woman that was just fired (Erin Dreyer) just called into Paul V's show on WROW. Here are some quotes:

"The council has now handed control of the city to the police union"

"Several officers perjured themselves".

Obviously there are two sides to this story but I find this statement from the article somewhat odd:

"During the time Dreyer was in office, the grand jury alleged, she politicized the police department and had an extramarital affair with a police officer as part of an effort to drive Chief Edward Moore from office."

How does having an extramarital affair with a police officer work to get the Chief out of office? I'm not seeing 1 plus 1 equaling 2 here. And regardless of whether it was a good strategy, can you be fired for having an affair? The only other thing I see her being accused of is trying to "fix tickets". I assume that means having some speeding or parking tickets ripped up for people she knew. I want someone to try to tell me with a straight face that she is the only person that has ever done this in the Saratoga police department or ANY police department. I know someone that has probably had 10 tickets ripped up. Why? Because he's got the right last name. He deserved every ticket. Drives like a maniac. Because he can get away with it. Do I support this? No. Do i think it goes on all the time? Yes.

Now, if she was trying to get the police chief out of office, I'd say he had a pretty good comeback and certainly won this round.

Update: This article has a lot more of the details on this story, I'd start here. And its got a good quote from the Police Chief

"How can 22 people be lying and two people be telling the truth?"

Any way you look at this thing its quite a mess.