Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pride of the Democrats

Fun editorial by the TU's board about "Albany Politics". Last week I said Jennings would be "bat shit crazy" to accept the Republican endorsement for Mayor. This week they say the same thing, it just takes them a bit longer. For some reason the editorial is titled "Pride of the Democrats".

Then then go on to take some shots at the Working Families Party saying "It requires skipping a step or three to see how the Working Families Party is making it any tougher for Mr. Jennings by supporting a field of candidates for Common Council seats". Aside from being some really awkward language, can anyone tell me why they think this statement either shows a somewhat narrow view of politics or is completely wrong? I'll take a quick shot.

1) If all of the Mayor's current allies on the Common Council are replaced, that isn't good for the Mayor.

2) I know you naysayers are saying "nay, that isn't what they meant. What they meant was the CC candidates won't affect the Mayor's chance at re-election". OK. But if every ward has a competitive race and the WFP candidates do a good job at getting out the vote in their wards (which they did for Soares), than who do you think those voters are going to support for Mayor when they are out voting for their WFP endorsed common council (or treasurer) candidate? Now can you see how that might impact the Mayor's re-election efforts?

And after that sharp insight the TU proclaims Jennings a "very heavy favorite". Got any evidence for that or are you just relying on your gut? Remember when you didn't give Soares a chance? Go back and read some of those articles. Do you really think a Soares supporter is going to vote for Jennings after the way Jennings and Clyne and Barnette acted during that election? Really? Mike McNulty predicted "record margins" of victory for Jerry Jennings in this election. Perhaps you've been talking to him, however, he doesn't live here, so you might want to reconsider that. I'd also be interested in knowing how much of the editorial staff of the TU lives within a 20 minute walk of Washington Park. Lots of voters in that area. Ever talk to them? I do. The only ones that support Jennings are rich and voted for Bush. In the end, I think it is good for the TU to not give Goodbee or Johnson (or any others yet to come forward) a chance. It will keep more of those Jennings supporters home on primary day since they think its a lock.