Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pataki Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday was Pataki Prayer Breakfast time. This year's event was a bit of a let down. Lots of empty seats. Are the people of New York losing faith? Some people appear to be:

"One Republican lawmaker who wasn’t there said he didn't want to be connected to last year's pay-to-pray scandal. "

I'm not sure I'm buying that. What's so wrong with a little pay-to-pray action? I think the real problem might have been the talent at this years event. The God Squad? Were Christian Bikers really the right choice?

But Pataki's people would not blame the talent.

"A spokesman for the governor says the numbers were down at the breakfast because they invited fewer people this year."

Note to staffers. Next year if you invite less people, put out less chairs. The empty ones don't look good for Pataki or God.