Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pataki and Bloomberg and YOUR Money

If you are ever involved in a lawsuit with the state of New York you might want to pull out this jem from your Governor.

"I don't think a lawsuit is a reason to postpone" Pataki said. "This is New York and people are always suing"

He of course was talking about the lawsuit that might delay the vote on our big fat gift to billionaire and Jets owner Woody Johnson. Pataki wants the vote to be held tomorrow. That vote would greenlight at least $600,000,000 of taxpayer dollars to go toward Woody's new football stadium even though the majority of New Yorker's don't want the stadium. What does Joe Bruno have to say about this?

"The proponents make a very strong case; the opponents make a very strong case," Bruno said. "The question is what's right?"

Joe, here's a little help. The answer: The opponents are right. Woody Johnson is worth well more than $600,000,000. Let him build his own damn stadium. Remember that budget that was missing $1,000,000,000 for programs for the poor and elderly in NY? How about we use the money to pay for those programs instead of giving our money to a billionaire's pet project?