Thursday, May 12, 2005

Park South

The common council committee on Park South voted unanimously for WinnCompanies of Boston to be the developer on the project. This is the company that also has been favored by members of the community and the head of the Park South neighborhood association. However, the decision is now up to the Urban Renewal Agency. From the TU:

"The Urban Renewal Agency, which includes Common Council President Helen Desfosses, City Comptroller Thomas Nitido, Corporation Counsel John Reilly, City Clerk John Marsolais and Community Development Agency Director Joseph Montana."

(I think I see a 3-2 split in the works)

Now, some of you might be thinking "hey, last week you said it was the Albany Local Development Corporation that was going to be making this decision...what's up?" That's a good question. On the city website it says the following:

"ALDC (Albany Local Development Corporation) is currently seeking proposals for a developer and development team for the implementation of the Park South Redevelopment Plan for the proposed Park South Urban Renewal Area. The Request for Proposals (RFP), issued on behalf of the City of Albany's urban renewal agency, the Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA), seeks an experienced developer and development team with the skills, resources, and commitment to successfully implement the Park South Redevelopment Plan."

So, are you clear now on who is making this decision? I'm not. But we now know what the Common Council's recommendation is so now it would seem that it would just be up to the Urban Renewal Agency....but wait.

"Development and Planning Commissioner Lori Harris told lawmakers that an internal committee composed of members of the administration of Mayor Jerry Jennings will also make its own recommendation next week to the Urban Renewal Agency. "

So we now have three agencies and one committee and now we are also going to get an "internal committee". Is it just me or is anyone else starting to catch the faint scent of inefficiency here? And it was only last week that Mayor Jennings said he had "no idea" who the developers were for this project. Better get cracking on that internal committee. We know its hard work being Mayor but you may be pulling some late nights catching up on your proposal reading, if you choose to do so.