Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Parallel Universes?

I highly recommend getting a copy of the printed Albany Times Union today. First spend some time reading the left hand column of the Capital Region section. Then spend some time thinking of the witty comments you will post here to make fun of the Times Union sporting columnist's "big wet kiss" to Walmart. Really bizarre stuff. The sound of someone selling their soul....in print! (i know, you've heard it before but it still always surprises me) Then spend some time at WalmartWatch and see what our good man loves so much. Is it the outsourcing of US jobs? The union busting? Perhaps the lack of health insurance for their workers? So much to love!

Then switch to the right hand side and read about how the Albany District Attorney David Soares is seeking "cooperation into a broader investigation of alleged police corruption in the Police Department". Police corruption?! In Albany? You mean all those guys living out in the suburbs in fat houses with 3 cars weren't making all that money legitimately? Who knew?

And finally, one of those Deaniacs is running for Common Council in the 11th ward.

"Peter Caracappa, a 28-year-old State Street resident, is a member of the Albany County Young Democrats and Washington Park Neighborhood Association. "

I like him already.

Strange days in Albany. Batten down the hatches. As our sporting columnist might say "there's nothing more dangerous than a gut shot cornered bear...."