Tuesday, May 10, 2005

One Last Thing - Park South

That didn't take long. Since I probalby won't be posting again before this meeting, here's the info:

"Ad Hoc Committee on Park South Redevelopment will meet on Wednesday, May 11 (immediately following the Councils 5:30pm caucus) to discuss the presentations made on May 5th by the two prospective developers for the Park South Redevelopment Plan, the Committee will consider making a recommendation in this regard. (City Court Room, 2nd floor, City Hall) "

This will be to discuss the choice between WinnCompanies and BBL as the developer. Of course the real choice won't be made by the Common Council but it might be interesting to attend and listen to the discussion. It might not be a bad idea for Mayor Jennings to attend since he claims he doesn't know who the developers might be. And this is a pretty big decision for the city (which he will be directly involved in making) so I'd feel better if he knew who the choices were.