Friday, May 06, 2005

Mayor Jennings WROW

Now for those that thought the last post signalled a shifting of opinion on my part as far as Mayor Jennings was concerned....sorry.

I've commented extensively how I don't think public officials should lie to the people. I'm not budging on that one. And today the Mayor did some nice back pedaling to cover up a lie from two weeks ago. The old "what I meant" approach when explaining how he holds people accountable for their actions by saying there were "out of work" police officers. Apparently what he meant is that some officers were reassigned to desk duty. Funny, when I'm "out of work" I don't get paid. Perhaps I'm in the wrong line of work.

And then, minutes later, he came up with a whopper of a lie. It went something like this (not actual transcription but pretty accurate).

Caller: I think the common council is doing a great job with Park South. I went to the meeting they were great. Lori Harris is great. Everyone is great.

Me: skeptical of the validity of this caller.

Mayor: Lori is great. Everyone is great.

Caller: But I'd really like to say that I think Winn should get the contract. They were great and really understood that it wasn't about replacing Park South but improving it.

Mayor: Well, i know there are two developers looking to get the project....I don't know who they are....


When you held your recent fundraiser at Angelo's 666 Prime on Broadway, that never came up? You know, the building that was built on the land that was given to BBL by the city for free? No one mentioned that BBL might be looking for that Park South business? Perhaps than you didn't order the Angel Hair Led Duke Pomodoro while you were there. That would be Led Duke as in BBLe Duke.

When you accept contributions from the owners of BBL, do they not mention these things?

So let's say you aren't lying, Mr. Mayor. And let's say I live in Park South where eminent domain could be used to take my house from me if the developer wants to. And let's say that developer is going to be selected shortly. And the developer is being selected by the Albany Local Development Corporation. As a member of the ALDC and the mayor of my city, should I be troubled that you have no idea who the developer (that might be taking my house from me against my will) is? Don't you agree that is troubling? Or, perhaps, more likely you have had the Angel Hair Led Duke and you were just lying. I hear it's very good.