Friday, May 06, 2005

Lebrun - I can only apologize so much

So remember when the Albany police chief lied to cover up an illegal investigation? And remember when Fred Lebrun wrote a column apologizing for the chief? Yeah? Well you can put those warm and fuzzy thoughts out of your head. Fred ain't your bitch. And if you fuck up, he's not just going to go around apologizing for you (note: Fred's apology offer is still valid for police chiefs, mayors, editors, rich guys that want to go hunting...just not the rest of you). But he still might tell you to apologize if you've done something wrong. Yeah, he's on the apology war path today. And those board members at SPAC better apologize. And in case you are wondering about the man's principles:

"I feel guilty about it. I wish it were not true and that I could be as principled as my colleague, but what is, is."

It takes a big man to admit he has no principles. What is, is.