Sunday, May 01, 2005

John Sweeney Speaks Outs

John Sweeney is a man of action these days. Fresh from a stint rallying his fellowing Republicans to support Tom Delay, he was back here in New York attacking the big issues.

"U.S. Rep. John Sweeney announced last week he would introduce legislation to outlaw the sale of steroids at online auction sites."

"Steroid use at the end of the day destroys, cheats and hurts your life"

Meanwhile studies have shown that steroid use in the morning, and even at lunch, can make you very big and perhaps one day you could be governor of California. Recent polls also show that the general public wasn't that worried about steroid use since they were very busy concerning themselves with the escalating violence in Iraq, the high price of gasoline, the new social security benefit cuts the president is proposing, trying to figure out which country their job would be outsourced to and....watching roided up mutants play for the Yankees.