Monday, May 23, 2005

John Sweeney and His Constituents

Mr. Sweeney probably isn't worried too much about losing his seat but at least one voter isn't happy with his recent behavior. From a letter to the editor to the Times Union today:

"Mr. Sweeney provides the wrong kind of leadership and does not represent the values of the good people of New York's 20th Congressional District."

The writer goes on to mention the issues of Social Security and support of Tom Delay. If Sweeney is actually considering a run for Governor, as has been mentioned in at least one recent article, I think he's nuts. He might be safe in NY-20 but it he wants to bring that track record out to the rest of us I don't think he'd do very well. But I'd love to see it. And if he doesn't I hope those NY Dems are thinking of using some of that DNC money to challenge him.