Tuesday, May 10, 2005

HouseKeeping Update

Well. There sure of a lot of you showing up these days. Headed well north of 1,000 page views today. And we've got some new voices around. Apparently we've gained enough steam around here for some people to take notice and tell us how foolish we are to think we can change things. From a comment made today:

"I have been reading this site silently for a few months and with much amusement. Thanks to your link, I have read so-called Republican McLain for the 7th's site (what real Republican would support gay rights) and his comments here as as well. And I have heard all of the rants and excited calls for reform that emanate from this blog's commentariat. And I love it all.

The most ironic aspect is your use of my mentor's quote in your banner.

As the Devil's Advocate, I am here to state this: you are all woefully inadequate to the challenge of taking on "the machine," or whatever it is that you call it. Albany will never see real democratic reform. Ever. There will never be a multi-party system, and anyone who believes it is possible is blind.You will hear more from me later, as I see fit. But, regarding Election 2005, all of you good government types should be prepared for a major letdown."

I say we keep amusing these people with our antics and get ready for election 2005.

So, on that note I'm going to take the next 24 hours or so off from posting. Got some other things to take care of. The new site launch has also been delayed but it will definitely be up by June 1st just in time for the real campaigning to start.

You will of course hear more from me shortly(as I see fit). Until then, continue with the conversation and please post links to any good articles in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and writing.