Thursday, May 26, 2005

Goodbee's Opponent Receives Tacit Endorsement of WFP

Looks like Goodbee isn't the pawn of the Working Families Party many in Albany have said he was. Their members met last night and decided not to endorse anyone in the Mayoral race. As usual this news was reported by the Times Union with a big front page headline in the local section that of course doesn't mention Goodbee but mentions Jennings instead which I will once again point out as media bias. With this brand of journalism the recent round of arson in Albany should've been reportedwith the following headline "Buildings Suffer From Lack of Water!".

Anyway, why didn't the WFP endorse Goodbee? According to WFP leader Karan Scharff they want to focus on:

"building a progressive majority on the Common Council and electing an independent treasurer."

So, a new NEW era of Albany politics begins. Can you win a race without the Working Families Party endorsement? Goodbee will try. As will McLain in the seventh. As will some others. And in case anyone is wondering, this blog strongly endorses Goodbee over Jennings.