Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Fun

Some fun facts about the blog and other odds and ends.

Update: Before you read this you should know that i've gotten two e-mails letting me know that the Metroland circulation is 40,000 . So, I'm only one 40th of the way there. The 13,000 number i tossed out came from one of their ads that said "more than 13,000 Metroland readers will be eating their meals in Capital Region Restaurants at Least Twice". So, Rex Smith has nothing to worry about (other than the complete lack of in depth coverage of local issues) and the Metroland appears to be in good shape, too. But, if I could get one 40th of their advertising revenue and still maintain my staff at its current low levels....anyway perhaps i need to start running music reviews. So, Buy the new System of a Down record. Its folk/protest music for the 21st century. And if you don't like it, enlist. Back to our earlier scheduled programming.

Milestones - A few minutes ago the 1,000th unique visitor showed up for the month. A new record for a month. Those 1,000 visitors have read over 17,000 pages this month. Charles, Ford, you're famous! Now, that may not seem like many people to you, but when you think of how many people vote in a primary in a year with no statewide starts to become significant. And that number should ramp up quite a bit as the elections get closer and perhaps the blog gets some media coverage in some of the other local press. The new site will allow for ads as well. Perhaps some candidates will be interested in getting your attention and helping support the new site? In comparison, I think the Metroland circulation is 13,000 people.

I Know What You Do - One of the fun features I have in my stats reports for the site traffic is what words people use on search engines to find the site. Some of today's words of interest:

"how to run for mayor - Albany, NY "

Hopefully this wasn't one of our current candidates....perhaps someone else is thinking of entering the race? Either way, they ended up at this site which is probably a good place to start.

And then we have some evidence of people already searching for dirt on their opponents:

"ward dewitt lie"

Betty, is that you? And we had such high hopes for a clean campaign. There were some other variations on this search but I'll keep those to myself (for now).

Mayor Jennings WROW

And it wouldn't be friday fun without a WROW update. To start the show Ira called in and called the Working Families Party communists. Ira is funny that way. Jennings didn't take the bait and said he was for unions and working families. Someone else called in and said Fred Dicker read an e-mail on the air that said you could buy drugs on Sheridan Ave. Mayor Jennings said this wasn't true. Anyone want to run a test on that? Thankfully the drugs I use are legal so I buy them at the convenience store but I'm pretty sure I could go start a new habit on Sheridan Ave if I wanted. And then Mayor Jennings talked a lot about the importance of education and our public schools and then revealed this bit of information:

"I think we should eliminate the school board"

I'm not sure that is going to help his relationship with the current board.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll be checking the papers for stories saturday morning since its the ideal time to bury a story on a holiday weekend but other than that it might be a slow news weekend around here.