Thursday, May 12, 2005

Democracy In Albany - What, Why, How

As the audience of this blog has been growing rather quickly there have been some changes and not all have been positive. I'd like to lay out some rough groundrules that I'd like to try to have the participants follow. Soon all of this will change when I launch my new site which has built in tools to allow for community policing of the comments as well as participants being able to submit there own writing for inclusion on the front page, not just the lowly comments sections. And then...we can all comment on your ideas. Be warned....its not for the faint of heart but some of you might find it slightly addictive. To the rules.

The purpose of this blog is to try to provide information about politics in Albany and a forum for discussion about that information. As the author of the blog I am highly partisan but also a big fan of the truth. If you post a comment saying Governor Pataki is the best governor ever....please come prepared with some facts to back up your opinion. If not, prepare to be corrected.

I will sometimes use language that is not PG-13. As I like to say, if its good enough for a good christian like the vice president to use while discussing politics, its good enough for me. If that offends you, please consider sponsoring my blog for $4,000 a month, or read the Times Union. I will happily clean up my language for $4,000 a month.

Insulting and namecalling of other participants in the comments section is BAD. If someone is here discussing politics, they deserve some basic courtesy. And if it continues I may have to start using my god-like powers and delete some comments. Again, at the new site, this should take care of itself.

Thanks again to everyone for showing up. Play nice.