Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Delay $$$ <-- Abramoff --> $$$ McNulty

So you're probably tired of hearing about how your upstate Representative John Sweeney is a good buddy of Tom Delay. And how he won't meet with his constituents to discuss social security. You're probably planning your own campaign for '06 to get him out of office. These Republicans have been in power too long and are corrupt and will take money from anyone and at least we have Representative Mike McNulty....

Not so fast. Apparently McNulty was also flying around the world on planes paid for by Jack Abramoff, the lobbyists that was flying Delay all around the world. Which of course, isn't legal. Seems McNulty flew off to Pakistan with Abramoff at the same time Abramoff was lobbying for Pakistan (that sounds good for America, right?). McNulty is using the "I'd wish I'd known" defense just like Delay.