Friday, May 06, 2005

Credit where credit is due

A little live blogging here. Mayor Jennings just took a call from Mike who had called two weeks ago. Mike said he got cut off the last time and wanted to follow up. The Mayor talked to him, didn't cut him off and answered some tough questions. Some of the answers were weak cover for his statements in the past (I'll get to that later), but he did the right thing by letting Mike talk. So for all of those that say I don't give the Mayor credit, here it is.

A little earlier the Mayor's old standby Ira said he thought the Albany PD was the mayor's Achilles’ heel and that if he lost the election that would be why. Didn't see that one coming from Ira. Lots of suprises today.

And once again we owe Mike some thanks for asking the tough questions. And for making it clear that the people of Albany don't have a problem with the individuals of the Albany Police Department in general, its the leadership that is the issue. Like Ira also pointed out.