Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Celebrity Lobbying

So you want to build a big stadium but the public is not in favor of it and you will be using the public's money to build it. You've spent your tens of millions in lobbying. Still getting resistance. What to do? Bring in Joe Namath. Joe wants the stadium. And we wouldn't want to disappoint Joe would we?

"I'm here thanking all those who have the foresight on how positive this is," Namath said. "I guarantee, I'd be highly disappointed if this doesn't go through."

Joe guarantees Super Bowl victories and his disappointment.

I'll be disappointed when my taxes go up to pay for a new stadium for a super rich Republican (Jets owner Woody Johnson actually was a Bush Ranger. You don't get to be a Ranger unless you raise $200,000 for Bush). If Republicans are for the power of free markets and lower taxes, you'd think they would want to build their own stadiums and not use public tax dollars. I guess you get over being a hypocritical liar when you are really rich.

Perhaps Woody hasn't been studying the NY GOP's Why Am I A Republican information. I think he missed these two points:

"I believe in the spirit of free enterprise, in which capitalism is the best means to keep our economy running strong, both now and in the future. "

"I believe that while government can and should be the provider of some essential services, it should function with limited taxation, financial efficiency and the adoption of innovations to allow taxpayers to get the most for their hard-earned tax dollars. "

Perhaps "essential services" include public financing for professional sports teams?