Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bob Sheehan To Run in the 8th

Well if you people in the 8th Ward were getting jealous of all the activity in the 7th, you can rest easy. Bob Sheehan has announced he will be running in the 8th. And he says he's for " more open, transparent, accountable and balanced city government" so you know I like him already. To the announcement:

Bob Sheehan, a 42-year old resident of Marsdale Street in Albany today announces his candidacy for Alderman in the 8th Ward of the city. The seat is currently held by Democrat David Torncello III.

A long time enrolled Democrat and 18 year Albany resident, Mr. Sheehan cites his previous work with the Helderberg Neighborhood Association as invaluable to help him be an effective Alderman. He is also motivated for public office as a parent of a school-aged child, and as a member of People Advocating Small Schools (PASS).

“I welcome the challenge of running for this position and continuing to interact and hear the concerns of the residents in the 8th Ward. I look forward to discussing the issues that are particularly important to people throughout the ward. Issues important to me include maintaining the residential character of the neighborhoods in the ward, and exploring additional services the city should be offering to residents as our population ages. I will also bring my commitment, enthusiasm and independence to represent all the residents of the 8th Ward.”

Mr. Sheehan went on to say: “As one member of the Common Council, I recognize the importance of working together with other members to advance ideas, policies and legislation that will lead to a more open, transparent, accountable and balanced city government. I will fully support any such initiatives.”

A formal announcement in the ward is planned for later this week.