Monday, May 02, 2005

Albany - Campaign Issues

An interesting in article in the Times Union today. On the cover even. It's about the current environment in the South End of Albany. Some quotes:

"Sand Street was named Block of the Year by the city in 2001. Samuel Koonce said that was "a joke." Promises of a repaved street, new sidewalks and plantings never materialized."

"This neighborhood is tipping. It could go either way. It's great place with a lot of good people," said Winters (Stephen Winters, President of the Neighborhood Association)

"[Winters] wants to compile a list of homes for sale to encourage would-be buyers. Like the Koonces, he faults the city for not cracking down on property owners whose homes are falling apart. "

"Albany's building and codes director, Nicholas DiLello, admits that the city hasn't done a good enough job keeping track of vacant buildings."

So we have deteriorating city neighborhoods 11 years into the current administration and now last month we finally get a Building and Codes Director. Too bad you can't make up 11 years of ignoring the problem between now and September. So the question is, who is going to get out the vote in September?