Thursday, May 05, 2005

Accountability In Albany

Cover story in the Metroland about accountability with the Albany Mayor and Police Department. They even brought in an expert to review the info. His comments:

“If you have recurring problems, it’s because there’s a lack of supervision or a lack of good policies, or [the department doesn’t] learn from bad incidents.”

“Ultimately, if you have a mayor who doesn’t care, no particular structure is going to work.”

Now he wasn't specifically blaming Mayor Jennings with this quote, just saying that in general you need a Mayor that cares, or things won't work.

And then it's on to the "things not working" part of the article. They have created a list of all of the incidents in the last 18 months. It's like a handy little take out menu for any of you thinking about calling the Mayor's radio show tomorrow to ask him about this. However, my bet is there won't be any calls tomorrow. Probably just interview the Tulip Queen since it is Tulip Fest.