Friday, May 27, 2005

7th Ward - 5 candidates and Two (2) Primaries!

There are now five people running for Common Council in the 7th Ward. The odd part is that two of them are Republicans. And the Metroland was good enough to ask them all the same questions. If you have some time, its an interesting read (sort of, maybe revealing read is more accurate). It looks like there is a pretty strong correlation between being a regular reader and participant in this blog and being able to answer all the questions. Check out Ford McLain on the Convention Center issue. He mentions the Brookings Report and actually has an opinion other than "good. jobs good." Meanwhile the other Republican candidate (Melinsky) doesn't exactly shine on his questions.

What should the role of the common council be with respect to the Citizens Police Review Board?

Melinsky "At this time I’m not really well versed in that. "

Maybe its just me but if I were running for office and going to be answering questions for a publication that 2 weeks earlier had run a cover story on police accountability (and the glaring lack of it that we have here), I would've expected that question.

And how about Mayor Jennings pick, Brian Scavo?

What should the role of the Common Council be with respect to the Citizens Police Review Board?

"I don’t know enough about that to give an opinion. The police are doing a good job. They could be doing a better job. "

And the Charter Schools answers are similiar. Wasn't there just a city wide (sort of) vote on this issue? I would want a candidate that at least could acknowledge that or discuss the issue. I think some candidates might want to start becoming regular readers around here and read what you people are talking about.