Saturday, April 02, 2005

What We Have

In response to the bit about the Mayor being seen talking on his cell phone while driving and his aide denying that it happened, we were treated to this comment:

“If this is the best that you have, I can not wait until the September primary!”

Who knows, perhaps it was Jerry himself? But I’d like to address this comment. What is the “best we have”? And what is it that this commentor is so proud of? Are they proud that the Mayor’s aide is apparently lying about the Mayor’s activity? Or are they proud that they Mayor’s aide is calling four citizens liars? Neither seems to be a good choice, but its either one or the other. But let’s talk more about the “best we have”. Read this site. Read what I have said and what others have commented on. You’ll pick up a couple of themes.

1) We live in the city of Albany, not on the furthest edge of it like the Mayor. We think its important to improve all of the neighborhoods of the city, not just have fancy new steak houses like 677 Broadway. We’re upset when 13 year olds stab other 13 year olds. Because we live here. We are still waiting for the Mayor to comment on that incident. Sure he was on vacation in the Carribean when it happened. But shouldn’t he have addressed it when he got back? Regardless, are you against improving all neighborhoods?

2) We care about the city and are working to make it better. We don’t like being called Monday morning quarterbacks, naysayers, negtative, etc by the Mayor when we try to help. Are you against citizens participating in their own government?

3) We believe there is a gang problem and problems for all of the youth in the city of Albany. The Mayor says there are no gang problems. Are you against trying to help the youth of the city?

4) We know the Mayor has money. Lots of it. You and the Mayor have Hillary Clinton at your fund raisers. Congrats. But when you hold those fund raisers only 100-200 of your friends show up. And you don’t live in our neighborhoods. Mike McNulty can introduce the Mayor as many times as he wants. He doesn’t live in my city (Albany, if you weren’t paying attention). I’m glad McNulty loves Jennings. Good for both of them. Sweeney loves him, too. So does Alan Chartock. Chartock lives in another state. Sweeney doesn’t like Democracy. 100-200 of you want to pay money to keep this going. I hope you all can vote 10-50 times each or you might have a problem. Remember when Mayor Jennings sent us all a letter telling us to vote for Clyne and Reilly? (assuming you live in the city and actually got this letter). We didn’t listen to him. So if we all didn’t listen to him then, do you think we’ll vote for him now?

5) Oh, yeah. Remember the voter fraud case Paul Clyne refused to investigate. It happened on Jennings’ watch. He has never condemed it. Are you against fair elections?

6) Mayor Jennings has said that the convention center is a good idea. He dismisses the Brookings Report on the convention center industry’s downward spiral. Do you want a Mayor that doesn’t deal in reality? Do you want a convention center that the Mayor admits will lose money? Is that “what you have”?

It’s about standing up and taking responsibility for what you’ve done. Talking on you cell in the car? Sure, we all do it occasionally. Stand up, be a man. Tell the fucking truth. Take some responsibility. Stop calling your constitutents liars and other names. And when your police chief admits to being a liar, speak up. How can you not speak up? Do you have any values? Or, be my guest, and don’t speak up if that is what you want.

But we will vote.

In summary all “we have” is our beliefs, our character and a desire to improve the neighborhoods we live in and also educate our children. Are you against this? We would be happy to work with the Mayor to achieve our goals. But he calls us names and refuses to work with us. And then has fundraisers at fancy restaurants with Senators and real estate developers. So what would you like us to do? What we have is our beliefs and honesty and character and children and neighborhoods. Meanwhile you have a police chief who lies, a Mayor that doesn’t have the balls to stand up and do the right thing, a Senator that stands by her husband even after he gets blow jobs in his office and admits it, and a lot of money. Good luck. If this is what you have, in the end, we will win