Thursday, April 28, 2005

Weld Inspection

William Weld says he might run for Governor of NY as a Republican.

The NY Democratic Committee people said some things about Weld. The Republicans said some things. All quite dull. If you want some real fun quotes you need to go to and check out some of the reviews of Weld's Books:

"If the novel is accurate about politics in Massachusetts, I cannot see how Gov. Weld was ever elected."

"Bill Weld has written a book from his perspective, which unfortunately is not one familiar to most people. Being a former ivory tower federal prosecutor, wealthy by inheritance and definedly upper crust, Weld demonstrates little knowledge or understanding of how real folks in the trenches think, speak or exist. His cops do not ring true, his legal and political associates are one-dimensional and his love scenes combine the most banal aspects of a hippy diary and a French drawing room. The plot begins nicely but is highy predictable and easy to figure out. The book is well-written, and the author does have some ear for dialogue. Social or economic status, high or low, should not preclude anyone from writing about anything, but the ability to observe, listen and learn are key. Weld seems so secure in his own cosmos that he doeasn't care if it rings hollow with the reader."

"Maybe there's a story here beneath the propaganda, but I didn't wait around to find out. You shouldn't either."

Writing is tough, the critics are mean, and the pay sucks. Time to get back to one of those cushy government jobs.