Thursday, April 14, 2005

Watchdog Journalism Update

Back in January the Times Union's Editor Rex Smith said that this year:

"One of our newsroom's key initiatives for 2005 is a renewed commitment to watchdog journalism"

Now we all make some crazy wild assed New Year's resolutions that we don't follow through on (e.g. some of mine - fix the hole in the roof, upgrade to Milwaukee's Best, publish that novel, pay some taxes...etc.) so I can understand if you make it through the first quarter of the year without following through on them. However, if ANYONE has seen ANY indication of a story that might fall into the category of "watchdog journalism" in the Times Union in 2005, please let me know. And, no, I don't think reporting on Libby Pataki's various shady economic practices after every one else in the state has already written about them qualifies.