Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tax Reform - Greasing The Skids

So, when I see a headline like "Americans Think Taxes Too Complicated" I immediately think "I wonder what the Bush Adminstration paid to have this report done?". Now that Social Security reform has hit some bumps in the road it is time for Bush's next big plan...tax reform. And just like the adminstration did with Social Security the first thing to do is to manufacture a crisis. While this hasn't worked so well overall on Social Security they actually have done a great job of convincing the American public that there are serious problems with social security, which it quite an accomplishment, because it is not true. And check out these poll questions -

Would you rather do your taxes or go to the dentist?

How long do you think it will be before you see your president in front of a hand selected crowd somewhere in middle America saying, "People would rather go to the dentist, than do their taxes...and that is not right. We need to make this all simpler." I'm all for simplifying taxes. But only when that doesn't mean giving huge tax cuts to the rich (e.g. eliminating income taxes and having a consumption tax). Game on.