Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sweeney - What Part of No Don't You Understand

The Post Star in Glens Falls has offered to hold a town hall meeting for John Sweeney. Not for him to answer questions (because its clear he doesn't like to do that) but simply for him to listen to his constituents concerns. From the Post Star:

"Congressman John Sweeney said he wants to hear more from his constituents before making a decision about Social Security reform.

We're here to help.

The Post-Star has offered the congressman a chance to be the key listener at a public forum on Social Security reform, during which the public will be invited to give him an earful of suggestions to help him make his decision."

Sweeney's response:

"When contacted Friday, the congressman said through a spokeswoman that he "appreciates the offer," and "is taking it under advisement." He said the proposals for reform being put forth right now are very speculative. But when the time is right, he'd be glad to consider participating in a public forum hosted by the paper "

Now last week President Bush said any lawmakers that didn't come to the table to discuss Social Security reform would suffer political consequences. Sounds like the President thinks "the time is right". If the current public opinion is such that Mr. Sweeney won't come out and tell us his position on social security now, it is unlikely anything will happen with social security this year. So, that means next year it will be game time. Can you run a whole campaign without ever appearing in public?

Article reprinted here.