Monday, April 18, 2005

Sweeney Comes Out of Hole, Sees Shadow

As you all know, Representative Sweeney has been hiding from his constituents for the past few months. He won't meet to talk about social security and he certainly won't say a damn thing about his friend Tom Delay. Now in a bold move he is re-entering public life with a talk at Albany Law School.

"Congressman John E. Sweeney will deliver the Edward C. Sobota ’79 Memorial Lecture at the Law School on Tuesday, April 19 at 2pm in Room 200. Congressman Sweeney will address homeland security."

Well, if the people at In This Together have it their way, he will also be addressing his failure to meet with his public to talk about Social Security. This Tuesday, the In This Together campaign will“track down” Congressman John Sweeney as he speaks on Homeland Security at Albany Law School and demand that he pledge to keep his hands off Social Security.

Hopefully, someone will have cameras rolling.