Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sweeney Avoiding His Followers

Well In This Together may not have been able to get John Sweeney to speak but they did get some press coverage and some more fun quotes from Sweeney.

"Before Sweeney's speech in Albany, he did say the Social Security Coalition (an arm of the Working Families Party) is more about politics than issues and he would "not meet with them" to hear their concerns."

Why does Representative Sweeney not like democracy? I don't think he should be referred to as Representative Sweeney any more since he refuses to meet with the people he represents.

In his remarks Sweeney did mention that he thought that the Patriot Act is a good thing and " an indication of a restrained use by the government". I don't think I'm buying that one. This government thinks "restrained use" is a sign of weakness. Sweeney's buddy and overlord Tom Delay is nicknamed The Hammer. You don't get that kind of nickname for practicing "restrained use".