Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Support for Third Parties

A letter in the TU today from Anita Thayer in support of third parties like the Working Families Party.

"New York's 8-year-old Working Families Party has proven that third parties can be principled and productive. It was largely responsible for the two substantive accomplishments of the 2004 legislative session -- forcing an increase in the minimum wage and taking the first steps toward reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. "

"A third party with the power of cross-endorsement offers voters unhappy with a major party both the opportunity to cast a meaningful vote and the opportunity to send politicians an important wake-up call."

I can't argue with that.

PS. While Republicans (those not in NY) tend to do a great job of branding issues and using language (e.g. death tax) everyone else hasn't done such a great job with that. But you have to give the WFP credit for their name. Working Families Party? What's not to like? Are you against Working Families?