Saturday, April 30, 2005

Stop Her Now?

ALBANY -- The "Stop Her Now" effort of veteran Republican operative Arthur Finkelstein was being launched Friday with telephone calls aimed at "spreading the truth about Hillary Clinton and her dangerous plans for our country."

I'm still waiting for my call. Could she possibly want to "cut benefits for 70% of social security recipients"? That would upset me. Give me a call. We'll chat.

"Stop Her Now is spearheading a nationwide campaign to educate every American and expose Hillary Clinton as the radical socialist she really is," according to the telephone message.

"That's why we are launching a massive media blitz and public education campaign"

Sweet. Republicans for Public Education. Talk about "radical". Where do I sign up?

Please, kids, save your money. They want to raise $10 million to Stop Her Now. That ain't gonna do it. But if you really want to give, you might want to ask what sort of a cut Finkelstein is getting of your money. That will probably set you straight.